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Introductions / Re: New Member
« on: April 30, 2014, 06:56:27 PM »
When I was shopping for a 'new' bike, I had the opportunity to sit on many, test ride few.  All were Inline-fours, and I couldnt get comfortable on them (im also inseam challenged).  Everybody on PNWriders kept preaching the SV, so I found one that was Underground Garage Kept with 3700 Miles with brand new PR3's and fresh service (with paperwork).  Since I was in a new area I brought a friend and previous SV owner to help me out.  He test rode it for me (I did a small parking garage loop) found nothing wrong, and during my short but worth it test ride I fell in love... Despite being inseam challenged. 

Introductions / New Member
« on: April 30, 2014, 05:55:27 PM »
Hello CT,

     Left CT for WA due to work, might be comming back in the next year.  I picked up Riding here and am a member on PNWRiders.com.  Liked the forum thing for organized rides and general shenanigans I read about on there so.... I thought since I might be comming back, join up and see what its about.

     Recieved my Endorsement in July of 2013, week later a 2005 Buell Blast that I nursed into a Daily Washington bike.  In Feb. I sold it and bought a 2006 SV650S and loving it.  I have a combined total of 5k miles in about 10 months and looking to up it even more.  I took the MSF Basic Riders Course to recieve Endorsement, MSF Military Sportbike Riders Course after the purchase of the Blast, and will be taking more this summer.  Looking forward to comming back and enjoying the roads back home when work allows.


The Bikes Name is Jue

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